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Along with their amazing accolades they also have a big hand in the community. In 2020 The Breed Academy was Founded which is the Non Profit Arm of The Breed Ent. Using their platform and their influence, Aaron and Rashad were compelled to create an arts and educational empire that would interrupt the traditional educational institution by using the arts & entertainment industry to close the education gap and ultimately grow future creative leaders and entrepreneurs of the world. The Breed academy has served over 100 Music producers, engineers and artists over the past years. The Breed Academy alumni includes platinum producers and multiple students who are on full scholarships to collegiate music programs who are all natives of New Haven.


There are many factors that set the Breed Academy apart from other arts educational programs. The Breed academy doesn't just help young people to build the skills that they need to be competitive in today’s mainstream society but also educates them on the history of music, art & culture, helping them to embrace their identities and to gain a further understanding of who they are collectively.

​The Breed Academy educates and arms the next generation of creatives with the tools, awareness and knowledge they will need to be successful leaders in competitive career markets and to find their voice in the world.

At the Studio
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